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Welcome to Jackford, England.
In Game Time: November/December 2012
Season: Winter
Weather: Cold days ahead!

The current plot is a work in progress.

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Darkness Claims Us is a loosely based alternative universe play by post role play forum based upon the world of Laurell K. Hamilton, with only a few twists of our own.

Characters belong to their respective owners; don’t steal them. The same goes for graphics and dohtml templates unless stated otherwise

Darkness Claims Us was started on Oct 1st 2010 and has seen over a year of RP!

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Hey guys! We know we promised things would be up and running by now but as you've seen, we've hit a few hang ups that have kept us from following through with that. We'd like to thank you all for having patience with us as we tooled around on DC 2.0.

That having been said, we're afraid we have some bad news. Between moving, family, upcoming school and a baby somewhere in there, DC 2.0 is being put on indefinet hiatus. Real life seems to have hit us in spades on several fronts and that needs to come first. And it isn't really fair to keep everyone waiting for something that keeps getting held off for various reasons.

So from the staff, we'd like to thank everyone that stayed with us this far and appologize for delays that turned into an end. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to drop them here or in a private FB note to this account.

Happy roleplaying, everyone.

the DCU staff
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